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The cost of a series of dinners laid on for dignitaries ahead of the April 2 summit added up to more than pounds 66,000, with guests quaffing 136 bottles of wine worth pounds 6,000, according to figures obtained by a national newspaper.
It illustrates the radically different lives of students, with some quaffing champagne while others have to "rummage through supermarket waste bins".
WE love the idea of quaffing beers and wine and pretending we're experts and on Friday a dinner featuring the iconic beers of Mikeller Brewers will be held at the award-winning Felin Fach Griffin near Brecon.
30pm, when the quaffing and scoffing had begun in earnest, the huge Ark Royal aircraft carrier suddenly moved into view, provoking gasps of admiration.
Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure (BBC2, Wednesday) sees the pair travelling round France, quaffing the local vintages and thoroughly enjoying themselves.
WELL, it looks like we'll all be quaffing Guinness tonight to toast a European Ryder Cup triumph in Ireland, writes Steve Palmer.
Steakhouses often offer the perfect location for quaffing exceptional cognacs; hence, the winner of the annual James Beard Foundation and Louis XIII de Remy Martin Ultimate Dinner Contest, Dallas's Pappas Bros.
JHB, described in the 2001 Good Beer Guide as 'Impressive straw-coloured quaffing bitter with bold, floral, grassy hop, grapefruit and kiwi fruit and a little sweetness followed by a long, dry, aftertaste', beat Hop Back Summer Lightning from Salisbury, in second, and Brains Dark from Cardiff, third.
The Greek tragic hero, glorying in hubris beneath a crimsoned dusk sky, and the young Romeo, quaffing moonlit love on a warm summer night, both are fueled by the wellspring of passion.
Quaffing a glass of grapefruit juice boosts the potency of a wide variety of drugs, as many studies have shown.
document did Thomas Jefferson pen while quaffing a cold one?
The Dawn Patrol (1938): Errol Flynn and David Niven take to the skies in this thrilling aerial action yarn as World War I British flyboys who, whether quaffing down beers or gunning down their German foes, unite in devil-may-care gallantry and in disdain for their commander (Basil Rathbone).