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"Beyond the Quagmire" is deftly organized in three parts.
I've managed to rise up out of what seemed like a quagmire.
"You don't want any further incursions in Syria by the Turkish military, you'll get yourself in a quagmire."
Amir Abdollahian voiced confidence that the "future would belong to Yemenis and Yemen would be quagmire for the invaders".
Portions of the festival site were turned into a quagmire with fields full of umbrellas and people dressed in waterproof poncho's as the rain continued to fall.
Here are some of the numbers associated with the battle: 30The weather in Flanders during the offensive was the worst in the region for 30 years, reducing much of it to a quagmire.
Rock fans at the Download Festival had a quagmire to deal with.
Afghanistan was called "Russia's Vietnam" for a reason, but Vladimir Putin appears to have learned a different lesson about quagmires. Setting achievable aims --both military and political--and stopping when they have been met as much as practical, is key to being able to leave third countries while maintaining influence.
Summary: Has the quagmire between Baghdad and Erbil ended after Haider Al Abadi took the prime ministerial position?
The pitch was a total quagmire, some players were off colour, while others didn't do what they were expressly told to do.
Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: "As the runt of the Griffin litter it's no surprise to see Meg as the favourite, however the smart money's for Glenn Quagmire to be giggity giggity gone."
The quagmire of violence is spreading in this geography.