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They range from sun loungers' paradise Tamariz to surfers' havens Guincho and Carcavelos, and quainter, traditional coves lined with the locals' fishing nets, such as the bay of Cascais.
We must admit that despite being one of the quainter North Wales' towns, there wasn't much which pointed to it being a clear winner other than it had - quite rightly - thought of itself as a city for quite a while, being only one of 22 pre-reformation cathedral dioceses not to be one.
We have already seen a lot of customers travelling to quainter places, adventure travel is on the rise and we expect a 50 per cent increase in this segment in the coming year.
Though underground subway lines crisscross the West, the former East's transportation system never went below ground, and that side of the city is served by the small, quainter strafienbahn, or tram network.
Benedict's Holmes is a little quainter and very British - he is a restless spirit, not prone to self-harm but destructive in his own way, quite uncaring of emotion on the whole and yet is a master genius.
This loud, colossal city is one of the two cities in the world where I do truly feel at home; the other is Philadelphia, sweeter, quainter, more contained, but with a similar immigrant vociferousness and a connection with what I consider the best strains in American history and character.
Not only are prices lower, but the quality of living is higher, with its laid back, quieter and more isolated feel, its tree-lined streets, quainter restaurants and cute coffee shops, similar to the comparison between Manhattan's East and West Villages, Brandon said.
What: Believed to be the spot where Lord Rama and Sita spent some years during their 14-year exile, Chitrakoot is like a mini-Varanasi but is far quieter and quainter.
We've already had Enid Blyton's gentle racism excised along with some of her quainter expressions.
Go on a bike ride and venture out of Maya's gate to explore the home village of Aranwella with its paddyfields and the larger town of Beliatta, smaller and quainter than Tangalle.
John Buchan's novels about Anglo-German rivalry before World War I, or John le Carre's Smiley tales, were read on first publication as bulletins from the front of an ongoing battle; today, they offer the quainter pleasures of genre fiction.
Taking the Highway 29 route, your journey begins in Napa, which used to be a place you blew through on the way to quainter spots, but these days is a destination in itself, with a refurbished riverfront and a bustling downtown.