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In a quainter place and time, the veteran who lost his starting job but kept at it, who never missed a voluntary summer workout and made enough plays to win the most critical game of the season would be a standard bearer, not a scapegoat.
The French, however, adhere to quainter customs which they have known for generations.
This was quaint when the lollies first came out 40 years ago, and has been even quainter since Sydney itself came out in the past two decades as one of the gayest cities in the world, culminating in a four-week Mardi Gras in February in which you will see, for example, a bunch of blokes dressed as nuns calling themselves the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence wandering down the street while a lesbian motorcycle gang called Dykes on Bikes watches over them to make sure they're not attacked by Continuity Presbyterians Against This Sort of Thing.
That startling figure reminded me of a conversation I'd had with that outstanding Anfield administrator Peter Robinson in what seemed like a quainter era, way back in 1988.
Responding to some of the quainter suggestions she said, 'Who thought romance was dead?
Partenkirchen is the older and quainter half of the town whose two halves face each other across the little river Partnach.
There was a flickering flame in the lantern at the top of the lamppost, and its light revealed an Aigburth Drive that was eerily quainter than the one he had left behind in 1967.
Amalfi - we guessed - would probably just be a quieter, quainter more expensive version of Sorrento that was just trickier to get to.
This is a quieter, quainter Algarve, dotted with small towns and old-fashioned villages; its sun-scarred landscape, brown and dusty but dramatic and appealing at the same time.