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Her silvery laugh rang merrily when I in turn essayed to speak to her, as though my language was the quaintest thing she ever had heard.
This poor little Anne Catherick is a sweet, affectionate, grateful girl, and says the quaintest, prettiest things (as you shall judge by an instance), in the most oddly sudden, surprised, half-frightened way.
After looking at Magdalen for a little while with the quaintest gravity and attention, the boy suddenly approached her, and opened the way to an acquaintance by putting his toy composedly on her lap.
We had tickets to see a film in the quaintest venue - the Kinema in the Woods.
Our knowledgeable guide Jan met us at the quaintest gingerbread shop you could image in downtown Prague and explained all the different outlets we would visit, what we would be sampling and the origins of some Czech food staples.
And the innumerable gastronomic options make the city 'a great place to feast like kings,' according to Conde Nast Traveler-from the world's oldest restaurant, circa 1725's El Botin and its famous cochinillo (roast suckling pig), to Michelin-starred bistros, traditional mercados (public markets) and the quaintest of tapas bars.
In introducing Anticant, the narrator says that he writes "in the quaintest language," which Anticant's "critics" have taken as evidence that "he cannot write English" (194).
Even the quaintest of village teams seemed to have their own website.
00 The Quaintest Show on Earth plus support The Old Courts, Crawford Street, 01942375859, Sat 30 Jan Alternative Radio La Barbacoa, 47-51 Mersey View, 0151 924 0445, Sat 30 Jan Live/Wire The AC/DC Show Citadel Arts Centre, The Citadel, 01744 735436, Sat 30 Jan, PS15.
Despite the police presence, the Marais is one of the quaintest neighborhoods in Paris, with falafel shops, kosher butchers and Jewish bakeries lining the cobblestone Rue des Rosiers in the center of the district.
It's one of America's quaintest cities: a mix of handsome brick houses and colonial architecture set on cobbled streets, backed by soaring 21st century skyscrapers and fronted by a network of paths along the coast, taking in attractions from historical sites (The USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned warship in the world) and politics (at the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum) to art.