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IT looks a tough-enough task policing even the quaintest of villages, never mind one of America''s most notorious party towns.
So we try and find the smallest and quaintest little parts of the town so we can have a nice time.
Hollywood was the same, delighting the Irish Tourist Board with Going My Way, starring Bing Crosby (yes, him again) as a priest sent to a New York parish, where he assists that quaintest of all quaint Irish characters Barry Fitzgerald, whose aged mother arrives from the old country in the final tear-jerking scene.
To date Kiwi Collection has signed over 2,100 properties in 140 countries, from the quaintest inns to trend-setting hotels, from high-end ranches and lodges to the most luxurious of resorts, whatever the size, whatever the affiliation, Kiwi Collection features only the best.
Bedlington's tree-lined Front Street is one of the quaintest and most picturesque places in the area and enhancements to the Market Place can only help to regenerate the town even further.
THE quaintest story from Sedgefield was the Tory lady who got no votes in a council election.
They cling to the quaintest logic down Stourbridge way.
And before you know it, the smallest room in the house, will turn out to be the quaintest.
But while the honour of participating in one of cricket's quaintest traditions is undiminished - the Cross Arrows club plays a series of matches at the Nursery Ground in September and early October - the experience of playing at an international venue will not be completely new to the Northern contingent .
From the quaintest inns and high-end ranches to trend-setting metropolitan hotels and luxurious resorts -- whatever the size, whatever the affiliation -- Kiwi Collection features only the best places to stay in its collection, both in print and online.
Grandest setting is the market outside the illuminated SchOnbrunn Palace, while the quaintest is among the alleys and courtyards of the Spittelberg.
DRIVING along the windy lanes of the quaintest villages in the Lake District you get the feeling you're in the friendliest, safest place in the world.