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IT may not be Southfork, but just outside Newmachar lies the quaintly named The Rich Cedar, providing delightful accommodation for both man and beast.
Quaintly stagey Noel Coward comedy with bags of bitchy dialogue dished up on a Technicolor platter.
IN RECENT months Castle Hill has been described quaintly as 'a place of quiet reflection, far from the madding crowds, away from the clatter and clutter of our hectic lives' and as 'the countryside where we should take a flask of tea.
LAUNCHED last night at the quaintly named Tea and Tipple in Corbridge was the second novel by local crime writer Mari Hannah.
A quaintly dingy country that's bursting at the seams as rickshaws and cows jostle for room on roads with women in bright saris, their pallu s drawn right down to cover the face.
Although the thought of something so simple in this age of high-concept game shows like The One Million Pound Drop and The Bank Job - former Merseyside maths teacher-turned-stand-up hosts coffee break-style brain teasers while wearing lovely Pringle jumper with lemon piping - seems quaintly undemanding.
Instead runners will carry the London 2012 torch through various towns and the flame will then be put in the back of a truck in a lantern, quaintly known as The Mother Flame, and moved by vehicle convoy onto the next town.
Quaintly is now rated 85 - higher than any of this evening's foes - and, unlike the bulk of them, she seems progressive.
He stated that Ayn "Rand [in the novel Atlas Shrugged] takes a quaintly naive view of the alleged saintliness of successful capitalists.
The Church Mouse" is a quaintly charming illustrated tale about an English church mouse named Arthur who decides, after conferring with his pastor, to invite many mice friends to live with him in his church.
Owner Betty Strachan opened the original store almost 30 years ago in Ridgeland and then moved to its present location, quaintly situated in an old train depot (circa 1889) in Raymond, in 1993.
It's a big ask because Launceston are currently third in the table and they gave Nuns short shrift in November when they ploughed their way through the mud at the quaintly named Poison Bridge to rack up a 30-3 scoreline.