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if articulating the quaintness the tale, the palace of the king, known as Raja Mahal, stands proudly beside the Betwa, reflecting its grandeur on the river flowing alongside, making it sight worth hours.
If David Cameron had a 'man-date' he'd been even more in favour of gay marriage." (I am a very childish person sometimes.) In 20 years' time, we will look back at that protest and laugh at its quaintness. No, actually, we'll probably do that in 20 minutes.
Such is the case with Silver Street in Stockton, which has always maintained a certain quaintness about it.
I do enjoy the quaintness of rural villages though and the trip was worth it for two instances of "What the..?" alone.
without assuming its quaintness, and is generally subtle enough not to annoy.
Rainer has used her biography space in the program to attack the 'condescending' nature of the program's title ('Five years ago I might have appreciated the humor and quaintness ...') and we see ourselves as witnesses to the first feminist ballet.
As Larry's boat nears completion and the Pardeys' stint as landlubbers winds down, Bull Canyon's bucolic quaintness evaporates.
It retains that quaintness, a charm from a bygone era.
Given its proximity to the High Line, the brokerage has been targeting specialty boutiques, home goods retailers and local service providers to help retain the neighborhood's charm and quaintness.
This new translation seeks to 'free the text from the archaisms and corrosive quaintness of older English versions' and 'to get to the essential meaning of the original'.
By drawing us into lonely living rooms, nondescript workplaces, public gatherings, and family disputes, Lennon illuminates small truths of the American character, while the superficial quaintness of his style prevents it all from sounding didactic or pretentious.
Each painting is like an illustration from a storybook, filled with quaintness and charm and rich with meticulous details.