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These big stores also have the effect of hurting smaller stores that may have more quaintness or character.
Some local parties benefited from those years--lunch spots that charmed the East Coast journalists with their quaintness, the Republican Party of Arkansas that got a governorship and its first U.
There are no original shopfronts but for quaintness the street is hard to beat.
As well as having the quaintness and traditional features of a country cottage, the house benefits from the rather unusual bonus of all rooms having a southerly aspect.
After a few weeks off to count his money, Kaye resurfaced in Kent last week and not surprisingly was out of his depth on a course with no end of quaintness about it, including a rule that members can only play fourballs on Tuesdays.
There was a quaintness to Byrd's speech, not just in its erudition but in its proud defiance of a President gone mad on war.
If Ruskin's ideas were already destined for quaintness in the 1850s, it is easy in 2002 to regard them as practically absurd.
But I do think the London show had a certain quaintness.
The area has grown a lot in the past 10 years, and I see big changes happening in the next five years-more people coming, but we'll still keep the small-town quaintness for a while.
Wells lightly edits early excerpts to "minimize quaintness," but otherwise retains original styling.
To fight the forces of quaintness, we will Americanize the spelling of every `shoppe' and `theatre,' at the `centre' or `pointe' of any `towne.