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Only a relative handful of photographs came from quake region, which is unusual.
9 quake that hit San Francisco on April 18, 1906, occurred in the same place today, it would rank as the United States' costliest natural disaster--with the possible exception of the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, says Vranes.
At such high speeds, massive amounts of pressure build up, generating underground (seismic) waves that can cause more damage than the quake itself.
Too weak to feel on Earth's surface, these mini-quakes may hold clues as to how and why more powerful quakes occur.
But probably still not in Los Angeles - unless the quakes caused landslides beneath the water.
At least seven faults running through the Bay Area can accumulate enough seismic stress to generate quakes of magnitude 6.
The initial, 10-second quake was felt along a 350-mile stretch, as far north as Sacramento and as far south as Santa Ana.
The agency said the islands could be hit by more quakes with strong tremors in the future as the crustal movement caused by the rise in magma continues.
Detailed maps for all of Quakes 32 levels are tailored to present information of the specific level.
That stress relief might have prevented the quakes of 2004, and 2005 from progressing through this region.
Even bigger quakes could occur on ``blind'' - or hidden - faults that may only break in intervals of thousands of years.
The earthquake that struck Turkey's North Anatolian fault, a deep fracture in the Earth's crust, now ranks as one of the five deadliest quakes of the 20th century.