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A particular attribute, quality, property, or possession that an individual must have in order to be eligible to fill an office or perform a public duty or function.

For example, attaining the age of majority is a qualification that must be met before an individual has the capacity to enter into a contract.

The term qualification also refers to a limitation or restriction that narrows the scope of language (such as that contained in a statute) that would otherwise carry a broader meaning.


(Condition), noun condicio, exceptio, exception, exemption, limitation, modification, provision, proviso, requirement, requisite, reservation, restriction, specification, stipulation, term


(Fitness), noun ability, acceptability, admissibility, applicability, appositeness, appropriateness, aptitude, aptness, capability, capacity, compatibility, correctness, desirability, efficiency, eligibility, entitlement, expedience, fittingness, occasion, pertinence, preparation, preparedness, propriety, relevance, right, rightness, skill, suitability, suitedness, worthiness
See also: ability, aptitude, authority, caliber, capacity, change, clause, condition, control, correction, degree, discipline, discretion, doubt, drawback, education, experience, extenuating circumstances, faculty, flair, gift, indecision, limitation, modification, necessary, necessity, performance, potential, preparation, propensity, provision, reservation, restriction, salvo, sine qua non, specialty, term

QUALIFICATION. Having the requisite qualities for a thing; as, to be president of the United States, the candidate must possess certain qualifications. See President of the United States.

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It will help in establishing the national standards of qualifications as well as provide a basis for comparison of qualifications at national as well as international levels.
She congratulated Saudi Arabia on the establishment of its National Qualifications Framework.
Employees who gain formal qualifications feel valued, supported and engaged within their organisation, and completion of accredited qualifications also helps to develop a professional culture at work.
But review chair Huw Evans, former principal of Llandrillo College in North Wales, said: "We decided against throwing them out because the evidence suggested these were brands that were respected and young people in Wales wanted qualifications that could be portable to other parts of the UK.
The Associate assessment process is on-line and competency based, and the qualification is achieved by demonstrating that RICS standards have been met through relevant work experience and/or qualifications.
The qualification will be part of a new range of food and drink proficiency qualifications created to address the skills and training needs of employers.
However, critics suggest that the qualifications will have little value to employees outside the awarding organisation and will lack the credibility of other vocational qualifications, such as NVQs.
The new Web-based qualification process was in effect from April 15 to May 15.
Working with its members and industry regulators, NEGA has developed an Operator Qualification Program encompassing 70 specific duties.
A disqualifying provision is a provision in a new or existing plan that causes the plan to fail to satisfy the Code's qualification requirements as of the date the provision or amendment is effective.
Wipro Technologies, the technology services division of Wipro Ltd, has been awarded product qualification status from the Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB) for its BlueWave Bluetooth protocol stack and thirteen Bluetooth profiles.
The validation process is divided into five major groups: Design Qualification (DQ); Installation Qualification (IQ); Operational Qualification (OQ); Software Qualification (SQ); and Performance Qualification (PQ).

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