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A particular attribute, quality, property, or possession that an individual must have in order to be eligible to fill an office or perform a public duty or function.

For example, attaining the age of majority is a qualification that must be met before an individual has the capacity to enter into a contract.

The term qualification also refers to a limitation or restriction that narrows the scope of language (such as that contained in a statute) that would otherwise carry a broader meaning.


(Condition), noun condicio, exceptio, exception, exemption, limitation, modification, provision, proviso, requirement, requisite, reservation, restriction, specification, stipulation, term


(Fitness), noun ability, acceptability, admissibility, applicability, appositeness, appropriateness, aptitude, aptness, capability, capacity, compatibility, correctness, desirability, efficiency, eligibility, entitlement, expedience, fittingness, occasion, pertinence, preparation, preparedness, propriety, relevance, right, rightness, skill, suitability, suitedness, worthiness
See also: ability, aptitude, authority, caliber, capacity, change, clause, condition, control, correction, degree, discipline, discretion, doubt, drawback, education, experience, extenuating circumstances, faculty, flair, gift, indecision, limitation, modification, necessary, necessity, performance, potential, preparation, propensity, provision, reservation, restriction, salvo, sine qua non, specialty, term

QUALIFICATION. Having the requisite qualities for a thing; as, to be president of the United States, the candidate must possess certain qualifications. See President of the United States.

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