qualified acceptance

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Qualified Acceptance

In contract law, an assent to an offer that is either conditional or partial and alters the offer by changing the time, amount, mode, or place of payment.

In order for a contract to be valid, an acceptance of an offer must not be subject to any conditions; therefore, a qualified acceptance is tantamount to a counteroffer.

qualified acceptance

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Yet current usage of the term includes not only the persistence of tradition (identity) as a product of collective resistance to cultural loss but also qualified acceptance by the host society.
Peace reform, Ziegler shows, underwent a "theological shift from an unconditional ethic of love to a qualified acceptance of an ethic of coercion" (10) in the years preceding the Civil War.
A truly rational commitment to truth, which entails a qualified acceptance of the truth of mathematical-logical systems, is displaced by "a non-rational, pragmatic acquiescence in the fact of talk" (97).
Libya has given qualified acceptance to the proposals, but negotiations are still continuing on several points.
If the acceptance is merely a qualified acceptance or if a modification or change in the offer is made and requested, it constitutes a rejection of the offer and a counteroffer.
Wright's tone of qualified acceptance of Cross's violence (if only on a symbolic level) and ultimate violation of others' rights seriously compromises the force of his argument.

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