qualified endorsement

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airstrikes in northern Iraq and near the capital Baghdad, appeared to win qualified endorsement from Iraq's top Shiite leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.
Where some have seen Pope Francis' cautious remarks on the need to "stop the unjust aggressor" as a kind of tacit but highly qualified endorsement of military force, the signers of the letter appear to interpret his words in the other direction.
before coming around to a qualified endorsement of a "conservative realism" in the service of a liberal empire.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov on Tuesday expressed qualified endorsement for a new resolution, according to the country's Interfax news agency.
All of the interviews for these polls were conducted on Wednesday, after the debate and the qualified endorsement Mr.
This last insight leads him to a qualified endorsement of Whiteheadian metaphysics as a speculative scheme able to undergird the truth-claims of both science and the various world religions.
And in recent developments, the New York Post also yesterday delivered a qualified endorsement of Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination, snubbing Hillary Clinton.
president into a qualified endorsement of Olmert's controversial plan to unilaterally withdraw from some West Bank settlements and establish Israel's permanent borders behind a wall of barbed wire and concrete.
The Department of Homeland Security's plan to reform its personnel system got a qualified endorsement in February from the head of the U.
Danielle Court and Carys Adams agreed, finished each other's thoughts in a qualified endorsement.

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