qualified practitioner

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Boythorn, "the treatment of surgeons aboard ship is such that I would submit the legs--both legs--of every member of the Admiralty Board to a compound fracture and render it a transportable offence in any qualified practitioner to set them if the system were not wholly changed in eight and forty hours!"
During interrogation, the suspect revealed that he worked at a private clinic and confessed that he was not a qualified practitioner at which the police seized medicines from the possession of the suspect and launched further probe.On January 24, a quack named Asad was arrested from Nishtar Hospital.
Led by a qualified practitioner, they will also teach youngsters how to handle risks and use their initiative to solve problems.
Ben says he wanted to mark his 15 years as a qualified practitioner in a way that could help other people after his own health was transformed two decades ago.
He is also a six-sigma qualified practitioner and views every activity as a chance to improve efficiency, create mutually beneficial opportunities, and build long-term relationships.
Cupping should be carried out by a qualified practitioner. Do your research and book at a reputable clinic.
First find a reputable, qualified practitioner registered with the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator for health services in England.
I've got certificates from England to say that I am a qualified practitioner." Hill said he admitted the charge of wilful ill-treatment of a person who lacks capacity on the advice of his barrister, who said he would likely receive a suspended sentence.
They include a CIM qualified practitioner and CIM Accredited Study Centre as well as specialist marketing recruitment agency Elevation.
You can also find a qualified practitioner in your area by contacting the American Association of Oriental Medicine (888-500-7999).

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