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QUALIFIED. This term is frequently used in law. A man hag a qualified property in animals ferae naturae, while they remain in his power, but, as soon as they regain their liberty, his property in them is lost. A man has a qualified right to recover property of which he is not the owner, but which was unlawfully taken out of his possession. But this right may be defeated by the owner bring a suit or claiming the property. Vide Animals; Trover.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The results here demonstrate a clear distinction between pre- and post-twentieth-century presidential rhetoric in five dimensions that would qualifiedly support the thesis of institutional transformation posited in the rhetorical presidency literature.
The appeals court reversed and remanded, finding that the officials were qualifiedly immune from civil rights liability and were not deliberately indifferent.
The qualified immunity portion of the statute provides that "unless otherwise provided by law, an employer, or an employer's designee, who discloses information about a current or former employee to a prospective employer of the employee shall be qualifiedly immune from civil liability." (81)
Reports are that, for the very first time, The Times will at least qualifiedly endorse Labour.
Shields finds one of Aristotle's lines of reasoning on goodness unsuccessful, another qualifiedly successful.
In this it is unmedieval, only qualifiedly Christian, and more radical and "modern" than any other expressions of peasant rebellion in its era.
And how can we recognize that they are questionable unless we can somehow step away from them, however momentarily or qualifiedly? Does not even the possibility of considering antifoundationalism require the capacity of somehow stepping outside our beliefs in order to gain the "insight" that they are not well grounded, adopting a vantage point from which it can be seen that no human belief is well grounded, a vantage point beyond all mere belief?
Rule 26(b)(3) divides attorney work product into two categories: one that is absolutely immune from discovery, and another that is only qualifiedly immune.
Audi describes his position as follows: "The ethical theory developed in this book is a moderate intuitionism that is epistemologically internalist, normatively objective, ontologically realistic, valuationally pluralist, and qualifiedly naturalistic" (p.
He advises that precisely the best students must be encouraged to leave the school: "For those who are still Jewish, or once again Jewish, the Lehrhaus is only qualifiedly necessary, that is, as introduction and stimulation.
Because the USGA had a duty to act, its conduct was qualifiedly privileged.