qualifying factors

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The qualifying factors have remained unchanged; however, over the past six years, calculating the deduction and where to take it have changed.
There were no qualifying factors such as retaining rights to the single market or permitting continued free movement within our borders.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement in June that essentially eliminated domestic abuse and gang threats as qualifying factors.
"Canada looks at the basic qualifying factors - such as age, education, language, work experience and adaptability - and awards points based on these," explains Berning.
*Review Of Potential Qualifying Factors And Documentation Of Tif Qualifications.
461 and the regulations thereunder, an accrual-basis taxpayer is generally allowed to treat a liability as incurred in the tax year in which all the events have occurred that establish the fact of the liability (fixing the liability), the amount of the liability can be determined with reasonable accuracy (these first two qualifying factors are collectively referred to as the all-events test), and economic performance has occurred with respect to the liability.
Other qualifying factors include businesses with the potential to achieve a turnover of PS500,000, or those set to employ 5 or more staff members within the first three years of trading.
Important qualifying factors included: source, concentration, processing,chelating or complexing capacity of the humic acid and Biochar products, functional groups (Carboxyl -CO2H ; Phenol -OHp; Hydroxyl -OHa; Ketone -C=O; Ester O=C-O-R; Ether --C-O-C-; Amine --NH2,-NH,-N), rotation and soil quality factors, consistency of the product in enhancing yield and quality of potato crops; mineralization effect; and influence on fertilizer use efficiency.
The specification requirements for LED luminaires were considerable: "One of the qualifying factors for product submission was approved IES LM-79 and LM-80 files," says Ken Perez, Sr., Nate Mullen Visual Concepts, lighting consultant for the assessment.
"Over the past couple of years obtaining a mortgage has been complicated and the qualifying factors have been more stringent, but with the FHA option we hope financing will be easier for prospective buyers," said Karen Mansour, executive vice president of marketing and sales for the Development Marketing Group at Prudential Douglas Elliman.
After the initial grandfathering period, future licensed accountants were so made through examination, education, experience and other qualifying factors.
Our industry has no standard criteria for the qualifying factors used in determining equipment performance specifications, or even for what equipment specifications should be supplied to the customer.