qualifying reasons

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Employees not currently covered by the FMLA will appreciate the opportunity to have job-protected leave time that other workers enjoy (see the sidebar, "The Nontax Benefits: 'Satisfaction and Engagement'").They, along with workers for whom unpaid family and medical leave is already available, will also appreciate receiving at least half their normal salary while they care for a newborn child or take time off from work for other qualifying reasons.
Occasionally, a participant might be in need without meeting the specifications of a hardship distribution--perhaps the participant has not claimed one of the qualifying reasons or has not taken the maximum number of allowable loans.
Crowell reported that "the inordinate number of employees who call in sick for allegedly FMLA qualifying reasons on holidays, sick days, and during public emergencies, speaks volumes as to how the FMLA diminishes the rights of the employer." A portion of the New York Police Department's $3.6 million overtime costs in 2006, up from $1 million in 2002, can be attributed to FMLA leave.
Answer: Under both the Oregon and federal leave laws, an eligible employee who has worked for you long enough to qualify may generally take up to 12 weeks of protected leave during a 12-month leave year, for various qualifying reasons. Once an employee gives you notice of the need for leave, both OFLA and FMLA permit you to require medical certification.
Fifth, designate time missed for work injury as FMLA leave, to avoid stacking leave based on other qualifying reasons and extending the leave.