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The following sampling of work conducted by nursing specialty associations has relevance for ANNA's own nephrology nursing-sensitive quality indicator (NNSQI) journey.
Hospitals are looking for any means to achieve an advantage, such as purchasing high-tech and expensive equipment, or implementing new quality improvement activities, such as participating in quality indicator projects.
Quality indicators have been advocated for use as internal quality assessment tools to evaluate all phases of total testing process to identify, correct and monitor the errors in improvement of the performance of laboratory services.
However, New Zealand has introduced interRAI Long Term Care (interRAI-LTC) and has a longer-term goal to produce national quality indicator data.
4) Receiving the maximum tolerated dose of statin is therefore the appropriate evidence-based surrogate quality indicator, not LDL.
To meet the criteria for the third quality indicator, the independent variable must be described with replicable precision and be manipulated systematically under the control of the experimenter.
2005) proposed that for a single-subject study to meet the dependent variable quality indicator, the dependent variables must be: operationally defined, measured quantifiably, measured using a technique that is valid and described with replicable precision, measured repeatedly, and assessed for consistency in recording (meeting minimal interobserver agreement ratings standards of 80% or kappa = 60%).
The PQRI/DOQ-IT initiatives do not have a discrete quality indicator related to Mrs.
We take the blended view that determining quality in a program is highly contextually based yet specific quality indicators are necessary to help guide program administrators.
Time stability means that the values of a soil quality indicator remain constant over time or that there is a correlation between the measurements taken at t1 and t2 so that spatial patterns remain the same (Kachanoski and De Jong 1988).
Nursing-sensitive quality indicators are defined as those that "capture care or its outcomes most affected by nursing care" (American Nurses Association [ANA], 1999, p.

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