quality of execution

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'Being in the position to potentially accelerate first oil for a mega-project like this, demonstrates the high quality of execution in the Johan Sverdrup development.
The entrepreneur is expected that he shall take all possible in advance of the work performance measures that enable the execution and / or necessary for the required quality of execution. In particular, the contractor responsible for the timely water shutdown, supply of material, sufficient customer contacts, agreements, appointments and transportation.
"With hindsight, our rate of geographic expansion was too rapid and as a result the quality of execution has suffered.
With hindsight, our rate of geographical expansion was too rapid and as a result the quality of execution has suffered.
The second issue is overall quality of execution. The Ottomate app, which is currently limited to Android users and has no integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, needs the user's location at all times to run, something users concerned about privacy (like me) will not want to provide.
Known for sleek lines and excellent quality of execution, Alakeel's designs are modern and add a unique twist to Middle Eastern garments that appeal to locals and foreigners alike.
Their research specialties include brand, customer experience, product development and segmentation, and they are known for exceptional quality of execution, smart methodologies, and a rigorous approach to primary research as well as syndicated studies and benchmarking.
The proprietary platform, Autobahn 2.0, was designed with a self-learning mechanism allowing its systems to predict equities pricing and volume with more accuracy, thereby enhancing the quality of execution.
Within Standard Chartered there has been successful deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) transforming cost, efficiency and quality of execution of both back office and customer facing processes which was hitherto done manually.
In figure skating competitions, judges base their scores on a set of criteria to include quality of execution, techniques, speed, height, and flow on ice.
It has consistently delivered projects, providing value- added engineering, construction and service skills to customers for whom the quality of execution, efficiency and reliability are critical.
E*Trade Securities LLC was censured by FINRA and fined $900,000 for failing to conduct an adequate review of the quality of execution of its customers' orders and for supervisory deficiencies concerning the protection of customer order information.

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