quality of execution

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Prints are judged on the level of difficulty and quality of execution.
From the entrepreneur is expected that he shall take all possible before the work execution measures that enable the execution and / or necessary for the required quality of execution.
aaBulgarian government has undertaken absolutely every possible measure for the faster realization of the project for the gas interconnection with Greece and will guarantee the quality of execution of the project,aa stated Borisov as quoted by the governmentas press office.
Speed and quality of execution were the two highest priorities for clients in terms of trading performance, followed by availability of trading instruments.
Now, with the launch of our variable spreads product, traders that strongly prefer variable spreads can access the unequaled quality of execution that WWM customers have always enjoyed," said Thomas Plaut, CEO of WorldWideMarkets Online Trading.
Rak Bank's campaign was chosen from 5000 submissions worldwide, judged on strength of concept, quality of execution, and ability to persuade.
Our clients will be able to experience, through a single account and on several markets, the same quality of execution that they are used to have when they deal with us in the UAE".
When you combine the economic benefits with exceptional location and quality of execution, it is a recipe for success," Clayton says.
The team also displayed the London railway system project and the modern electronical systems used in following up the quality of execution in roads maintenance projects.
Just like Wireless Standard, its merit, distinction, and success are a clear result of its strength of concept, quality of execution, and ability to effectively communicate and deliver.
The alliance has passed several international clients QA audits over the past two years reinforcing the quality of execution.
And most should keep it on-premise as well, given their quality of execution in the C-store channel.

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