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But they cannot match the quality of life rankings of countries like Finland and Iceland, despite these countries receiving lower material condition ratings.
The wide-ranging agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals is very crucial for improving the quality of life in cities -- the higher the level of sustainable development in a city, the higher is its quality of life.
The quality of life was compromised in 94% of the patients.
Key words: Feedback loop, self-regulation, resilience, quality of life, direct and indirect effect.
Another study on stroke rehabilitation reported that the quality of life of patients with stroke is lower compared with that in healthy individuals.
Variables Mean SD Health related quality of life 75.
KEY WORDS: Nursing, Stem Cell Transplantation, Symptoms, Turkey, Quality of Life.
In linear regression analysis, among significant factors of quality of life were BMI, femur neck BMD, parity and duration of menopause.
Spiritual wellness is directly associated with the perception of quality of life which incorporates spiritual and psychological aspects (Horton, 2002; Myers, Sweeney and Witmer, 2000).
Smoking status and quality of life were assessed at both one year and three years post-smoking cessation.

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