quality of work

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The DC Kamber-Shahdadkot emphasised upon the officers of various departments to realize their responsibilities, complete the ongoing development schemes being under way in Taluka Warah and ensure the quality of work.
RAWALPINDI -- The Punjab government is monitoring development works via a geo-mapping software and the quality of work will be monitored by a committee led by the divisional commissioner, Punjab Human Rights Development Secretary Asim Iqbal was told on Friday.
HASSAN ABDAL -- Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Thursday directed the National Highways Authority (NHA) to complete all road projects within the scheduled timelines and without compromising on quality of work.
Quality of work life as an important part of the experience of employees in the workplace was entered to the literature since 1970.
Washington, July 15 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that interruptions that an employee faces while working in the office, can negatively affect the quality of work.
The term quality of work life (QWL) can be conceptualized as a subset of the quality of life as both are closely related to each other.
The goal of this research is to measure the rate of quality of work life of faculty members in University of Tehran.
There are 13 statements identified as those which could shed light on the quality of work life of the employee.
In recent years, the quality of work life (QWL) has increasingly been identified as a positive indicator related to the function and sustainability of business organisations.
Research by Saipin Narongrit and Supit Thongsri (2001) deals with the quality of work life and organizational commitment.
Quality of work, execution and people skills are among the other characteristics that set apart these individuals, according to Net Future Institute Research's latest findings.

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