quality of work

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The Minister also expressed displeasure over the quality of work on the site and summoned the concerned officers of Education and Communication and Construction Department.
Quality of work life as an important part of the experience of employees in the workplace was entered to the literature since 1970.
Washington, July 15 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that interruptions that an employee faces while working in the office, can negatively affect the quality of work.
The term quality of work life (QWL) can be conceptualized as a subset of the quality of life as both are closely related to each other.
In recent years, the quality of work life (QWL) has increasingly been identified as a positive indicator related to the function and sustainability of business organisations.
Research by Saipin Narongrit and Supit Thongsri (2001) deals with the quality of work life and organizational commitment.
Quality of work, execution and people skills are among the other characteristics that set apart these individuals, according to Net Future Institute Research's latest findings.
The aftersales department of a Tyneside motor retailer has received national acclaim for quality of work and standard of customer service.
The $5,000 grant is awarded based on originality, newness and quality of work.
7 billion in India over the next four years, says the contest will showcase the high quality of work being done in that country.
This really exemplifies the quality of work that the department is doing.
They provided extremely high quality of work which ensured that our defeasance closed on schedule.

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