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Qualm used a reciprocating saw to cut the 18-inch-diameter cores and plans to make more for next year's garden.
Under the agreement, financial details of which were not disclosed, Qualm will represent RainChief in new media investor and public communications, including the use of social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.
It's difficult to raise moral qualms about abortion, perhaps especially for a man, without a great number of women feeling accused of something quite serious, even if accusation is not one's intent at all.
He did not have any qualms about Rahul Gandhi attending students' protest in JNU, but surely had misgivings about the slogans raised therein.
I think Ryan is probably the best captain I've played under, so I have no qualms about him captaining the side.
Monaghan are sitting on top of the First Division because they got a couple of points, so I've no qualms about that.
Apparently Gwyneth avoids eating meat, but loves the Mediterranean diet and had no qualms about signing up to the show.
Robinson's regional boss at the Arms Park would have no qualms on throwing straight him against O'Driscoll et al.
As I sat at the technical assistance panel considering over 40 quality measures, just in the area of mental health, I knew I had fallen victim to qualms again.
As doctrinal supervisor, he had no doubts about the truth and no qualms about imposing it.