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But her qualms were vanquished by the sensational and most unexpected happening that followed.
That having quietly acquiesced in what was of so much greater importance, it was absurd, if not downright hypocrisy, to affect any qualms at this trifle.
But then, having some qualms as to the truth of the assertion, and seeing that if he were to assume the character of an old boy he couldn't go on asking the questions he wanted, added--"That is to say, I'm on my way there.
But my spirit masters the trembling flesh and the qualms of the mind.
She trembled with fear, suffered qualms of nausea, thought sometimes that she would faint, so madly reeled her brain; yet she could not tear herself away, sad sat on and on, her sewing forgotten on her lap, staring with inward sight upon a nightmare vision beyond all imagining.
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She points out that disaster sites often pose severe hazards for living things, such as scorching temperatures and areas with no oxygen, Murphy also expresses a personal qualm about sending an animal, even a rat, into danger.
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Were Ito discover that my only possibility of happiness lay in excessive perpetration of the most atrocious crimes, without a qualm I'd enact every last one of them this very instant," wrote the Marquis de Sade, the prophet of the pleasure principle.
The contrast between routine homiletics and the dynamism of Shakespeare here raises an overall qualm.
The woman's fight for abortion without qualm, she says, is part of the fight for the "acceptance of the erotic impulse, and one's own erotic impulses, as fundamentally benign and necessary for human happiness.