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He did not have any qualms about Rahul Gandhi attending students' protest in JNU, but surely had misgivings about the slogans raised therein.
I think Ryan is probably the best captain I've played under, so I have no qualms about him captaining the side.
Jordan and Ann Qualm of Sherman, South Dakota, cut the heavy plastic into 20-inch lengths to create cages for some of their tomato plants.
We did half a job on Sheriff in the sense that we played well in the first half and went 2-0 up, then three wonder strikes went against us and we never had any qualms about that.
I was sure that they were, but at first I had qualms about firing on the noble Gothic building which was in full view from my post on a small hill.
She said she had no qualms about drawing on her split from partner Ashley Heath for her debut solo album Melody.
Hull manager Phil Brown maintains his men will look to deploy similar strong-muscle tactics today and while Wenger has no qualms with the "physical" side of the game, he adds: "For me a good tackle is as beautiful to watch as a good volley - but you have to be sure about the quality of the tackling.
It is unclear how many of the world's top names will take part because the event is very close to the US Open, but Murray has no qualms about travelling to China.
I have no qualms, no concerns about Tony's social life or his relationships," said Jones.
Apparently Gwyneth avoids eating meat, but loves the Mediterranean diet and had no qualms about signing up to the show.