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One prong of the quandary was summed up by Ralph Nader: "If you always vote for the lesser of two evils, you will always have evil, and you will always have less.
A quandary result, but perhaps one that might help us articulate some of the aspirations the people who have a gut feeling that decades of negativity, false information and peacock policies have got us in a worse jam than before.
This study increases the doubt about the value of wide-scale screening for undiagnosed diabetes alone, and deserves credit for tackling the screening quandary head-on.
So how come we hear so much about the torture quandary and nothing about mine?
In addition, the firm upholds a strong commitment to integrity and honesty in advertising as it a major quandary in the marketplace.
Having struggled to cope with his increasing distance, harshness, and misery for so long, she was in a quandary with how to handle mood swings and the dissolution of love in her marriage, all the while looking after her children.
In the meantime, educators, students and parents are working hard to find potential solutions to this quandary, also highlighted in this issue.
A fine period piece, exquisitely capturing a philosophical quandary and transformation as surely as it brings alive the shining yet corruption-ridden American culture of yesteryear.
Remember that if you're faced with an ethical quandary, before taking any action, you're strongly encouraged to consult with your general counsel or, if in the military, your judge advocate general representative.
ENI)--The Greek Orthodox church in the Holy Land enthroned a new patriarch to replace Irineos, who was deposed by his bishops after a scandal about the sale and leasing of church land to investors linked to ultranationalist Jewish groups, but Israel is in a quandary over whether to grant him recognition.
While the large-format tableaux may fail to answer or openly problematize this quandary, they do powerfully succeed at revealing the intertwinement of this country's tumultuous past and its chaotic present.
This quandary is just one component of a much larger issue.