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Mistakenly following the quantifiable path not only gives you white bread products, it can give you iDrive when what you really want is an iPod.
The three award categories--Military Logistician, Civilian Logistician, and Logistics Team (Operational, Acquisition, and/or Joint)--recognize Navy individuals and teams whose contributions have significantly supported the Navy mission, have promoted innovative ideas and concepts resulting in substantial and quantifiable benefits to the Navy, and have enhanced the logistics profession.
"Revenues and gains are realizable when the assets received are readily convertible to known (or quantifiable) amounts of cash or claims to cash.
The results will be used to inform policy makers on the value of integrated services for vulnerable individuals, as well as provide valuable insight into the short- and long-term benefits that integrated, coordinated care can bring in quantifiable terms to the community and the service delivery system in general.
Customers benefit with quantifiable "return on investment" by reducing time, labor, and/or material costs.
In a revealing passage on the mind-set of Washington's former supremo in Baghdad, Paul Bremer, Packer writes: "He would approach the running of Iraq like a demanding corporate executive, insisting on fast and quantifiable results from his staff, hating surprises and setbacks, imagining that he could prevail over adversity on the strength of his character." This economical description aptly captures the undiscerning positivism with which Americans tend to approach international headaches.
An established, clear, quantifiable goal is an important milestone by which you can measure whether or not your strategy is effective.
This provides a more quantifiable evaluation that eliminates the potential for visual inspection subjectivity.
The guiding principal of Task Force Redesign begins with and understanding of what it is that the headquarters must be capable of doing in quantifiable terms.
* Every item in your resume should be quantifiable.