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Perhaps our problem was that we were trying to identify a quantifiable number for capitalization based on business size and capital spending, etc.
You do need to understand trends and employ analysis; statistics and quantifiable data can be important.
In addition to the well-accepted qualitative benefits associated with advanced CIS, each of the following areas of opportunity can be evaluated to identify quantifiable benefits that can accrue to the unique nature of your delivery system:
As important, proVizor allows organizations to translate critical regulatory requirements into quantifiable metrics, then document compliance with those metrics.
These factors are objective, quantifiable measures of a franchise operation.
Chicago, VIEEW (Video Image Enhanced Evaluation of Weathering) is a computer-driven system that replaces subjective visual assessments by producing quantifiable, reproducible, and repeatable results.
Establishing a quantifiable link between non-financial and financial performance provides the analytical rigor necessary to avoid rewarding executives for value-destroying behavior.
The number of samples in which the compound was found at a quantifiable level and the maximum concentration observed in a composite sample complete the Table.
Mobistar uses MASC to translate strategy into quantifiable performance indicators that measure specific points of progress toward strategic objectives.
The second step, measuring the desired behaviors, is based on observations or quantifiable, systematic data.