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Overall Measurement, Quantification and Economic Analysis provides historical essays on specialized aspects in the development of numeracy in economics which are generally placed in a broader methodological context.
0) on the difference between RF and CR quantification.
The underground water quantification project, which will be conducted in two phases, is expected to improve water supply security in Namibia by providing user friendly tools for groundwater demand and supply management in the context of integrated water resources management.
Cost-effective, high throughput gene expression studies are possible, as the sequence detector performs both absolute and relative quantification of target in unknown samples, and quantifies both target and endogenous control in multiplex reactions.
After an enlightening discussion they reject Prior's and substitutional accounts of the quantifiers and instead propose truth conditions for sentential quantification which are deserving of serious consideration by the philosophical community.
In addition, BRLI's GenPath Women's Health has developed and launched a new test called GenCerv, based on the InCellDx's patented and proprietary HPV mRNA quantification technology.
Expressions of interest for Emission quantification and monitoring in the road transport sector in China The objective of this project is to support the GIZ Sustainable
Monitoring Sleep in the Age of Quantification "The Proper Pillow Plus is the next step in the evolution of sleep monitoring and quantification," explained Dr.
9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Symbolics LLC, a joint venture of BioDot Inc and DCN Inc has received a US patent on its method for generating arrays of reagents in lateral flow and other rapid assay formats that will facilitate multiplexing, quantification and more user-friendly result interpretation.
He discusses the favored distinction, the principles of identity and its instances, reference and causality, Peirce's categories and the transcendental logic of quantification, and Godel's incompleteness theorem and the downfall of rationalism: vindication of Kant's synthetic a priori.
Multiplexed precise quantification of proteins is becoming increasingly important in both basic biology and in clinical biomarker studies.
Quantification of steroids was based on peak area relative to standards, and data are presented as the mean of triplicates ([+ or -] SE; micromolar) (Jenkins et al.

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