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It is aimed at enabling reliable knowledge gains from data by developing widely usable uncertainty quantification tools and methods based on concrete cases of application.
Since normalization is the prerequisite for quantification of miRNAs in miRNA expression profiling, we designed our experiment to select for the suitable reference gene for miRNA profiling in ALL.
In the detection and quantification of drugs in pharmaceutical formulations, the spectrophotometric technique in the ultraviolet region (UV) is widely applied, being used especially in the quality control of pharmaceutical industries because it fulfills essential requirements (rapidness, low operational cost and reliable results) for routine analysis [13, 14].
Accuracy of library quantification is crucial for new Illumina sequencers such as the NovaSeq, which has the sequencing capacity to generate 10bn reads in a single run.
The analytical methodologies were validated based on the guide for the validation of analytical methods of the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) determining the parameters of specificity, suitability, system accuracy, system linearity, method linearity, repeatibility, detection, and quantification limits [7].
RiskLens provides cyber risk quantification software.
Saeed Khan in his presentation Interpretation of PCR for Quantification of Hepatitis Viruses explained the PCR technique and its application in detection, quantification and monitoring of viral Hepatitis including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis D.
It is of course easy to see why one might want to begin a book on the ontological commitments of second-order quantification with a discussion of ontological commitment in general, and everything Kramer says in Part I is very plausible and very carefully worked through; however, it is not clear to me that everything dealt with in Part I is needed for Kramer's eventual defense of second-orderism.
Papers submitted to the journal must address one or more of the following areas: code verification, calculation verification, validation, or uncertainty quantification.
In published literature studies, the florescence detector is preferably used for the quantification of the urinary hydoxylated-PAHs biomarkers because of its high sensitivity, however, this is undermining the importance of the UV-visible detections for this purpose since the UV-visible detector also gives good results, although it is not as sensitive as the florescent detector.
As a complementary test, Ig quantification by nephelometry is useful in patients with high concentrations of monoclonal IgG (4) and in patients with monoclonal IgA whose electrophoretic migration is in the [beta] fraction.
Quantification is an intrinsically complex mechanism of expression in natural language, comprising a variety of structural shapes and semantic domains whose inventory has not been completely charted to date.

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