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We strongly believe that the power of digital data from businesses and private citizens can help change the way we live on our planet, said Maja Brisvall, Executive Director and Co-founder of Quantified Planet.
whether it was quantified or not) and the incentives of the manager to manage earnings (high versus low) between participants.
Demanding "the number" spawns bad forecasting habits that are hard to break, but by insisting on quantified uncertainty and transparent reasoning, financial executives can make a spectacular difference in the company's ability to prepare for the future and harness uncertainty for competitive advantage.
If such multiple benefits can be realized, they should be quantified to the extent possible and added to the analysis.
It's interesting to see that the Quantified Financial Spokesperson results are driven by emotions, which implies that leaders need to work hard to establish trust and personalize their content for their audiences.
NEW YORK -- Quantcast, the world's only open internet ratings service, today announced that it has launched a robust suite of media measurement services for publishers in its Quantified Publisher program.
These expense areas, when quantified on a per-transaction basis, often generate higher costs than the revenue the mobile operator is actually receiving for each off-portal transaction.
Commercial property values must be correctly quantified by agents, brokers and customers so that insurers are able to charge adequate premiums for the risks they assume, according to Tom Smith, Vice President, Regional Product Leader, for GE Insurance Solutions.
Wireless backhaul links are quantified and projected through 2010 and total backhaul capacity per base station is segmented according to capacity in both 2004 and 2010.
Chairman, said, "Beyond the device's initial applications, this novel technology provides BioPAL with a major tool for developing an entirely unique imaging technology, where multiple non-radioactive physiological probes can be both localized in the body and quantified.
Research Results Deliver Quantified User Experience Data
Also looked at is the microwave industry's future in the sub-millimeter spectrum, with sub-millimeter product sales value and unit shipments quantified.