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The sorted customer needs are then fitted with an aggregation weighted vector based on the fuzzy linguistic quantifier "At least half" to reflect the eagerness degree of quality improvement for all customer needs.
A disagreement between a mereologist and an anti-mereologist will thus only concern the particular interpretations of the existential quantifier that they have chosen to use.
3P SG cut, saw grass QUA:many VCL:sickle Verb QUANTIFIER Verb classifie 'He cut the grass many times with a sickle.
But the other examples allow only for the interpretation in which the existential quantifier takes scope over the universal quantifier.
In addition, [for all], the universal quantifier, and [there exists], the existential quantifier, can occur in formulas.
In our case, the expansion of a FO quantifier is represented in the corresponding boolean circuit by a subtree of logarithmic depth.
Thus, quantifiers and demonstratives do not receive interpretation in the subordinate clause and semantically belong only to the main clause.
The Certified GHG Inventory Quantifier program is aimed at personnel who develop, quantify and report GHG inventories for organizations either affected by regulations or choosing to report their carbon footprints voluntarily.
When it is attached to the quantifier hullu 'all', enclitic -mm does not emphasis each individual item encompassed by the quantifier, as is the case with numerals (see Section 8.
Specifically, with respect to the existential quantifier that appears in the definition of [L.
Available starting in January 2010, IMS Oncology Quantifier offers a deeper level of insight into oncology product uptake and treatment patterns, including therapies most often prescribed in leading markets, their effectiveness in treating specific types of cancer, and their impact when used for new or future indications.
Ce sera, justement, l'occasion de quantifier la recolte de Gourcuff dans cette phase de toutes les speculations sur un groupe des plus stables depuis au moins cinq ans.