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Anthony de Andrade, the current President and CEO, Quantify IP is dedicated to creating robust, user-friendly software solutions for IP professionals, agencies and corporations, customizing them to suit the client's situation, practice, technology and strategies.
According to OneSpin President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Feist, "Prior to Quantify MDV, engineers had no formal verification metrics that accurately quantified verification progress.
Managerial insight should also be used to quantify every benefit that is reasonably expected to accrue from the proposed investment.
Today Vitalea Science announced it had received a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) grant to develop and test assays to quantify intracellular uptake of the active metabolite of a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI) drug that can be applied to children and neonates.
Various researchers have attempted to quantify selected gas flow characteristics in fiber suspensions and their relationship to pulp and paper mill performance, but much more must be done to describe the complete picture.
The next step was to quantify the effect of IQ on potential earnings by an individual over the course of a lifetime, which must take into account both the direct effect of cognitive ability on earning potential and its indirect effects on schooling and employment.
She would argue, and I would agree, that if it's not quantifiable, it's probably even more potentially catastrophic than anything you can quantify," Mandel said.
One of the most difficult challenges marketing people face from top management is the need to quantify the probability of future events ("crystal-balling").
One of the latest developments in Fitch's ABCP criteria is the agency's use of VECTOR CP, a Monte Carlo simulation model used to quantify the portfolio risk of an ABCP program.
The trouble with these benefits is that they are difficult to quantify.
Through studies of large groups exposed to radiation, epidemiologists try to quantify the relationship between doses received and resulting carcinogenic effects.