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Treasury Office of Tax Analysis BALVINDER SANGHA is a partner in the same practice who works with many financial services company in quantifying their business risk issues.
After numerous discussions with clients, policyholders and insurance companies, the carriers and GAB Robins continue to wrestle with understanding these risks and quantifying them, Meyers said.
Quantifying the Costs of VoIP is the first detailed analysis of Australian VoIP service prices based on the full range of industry data.
Nemertes Research specializes in analyzing and quantifying the business impact of technology.
The logical approach to quantifying PoC handset performance and its impact on the end-user experience is to bring testing into the lab.
Actix solutions enable field engineers to take on a triage function, isolating and quantifying problems on the front line, fixing the simple problems and passing the complex ones back to service troubleshooting tiger teams, technology development groups, and/or vendors.
The prize, which is given to the author of the best paper(s) related to actuarial research or practical actuarial application in the field of reinsurance, was awarded jointly to Venter for Quantifying Correlated Reinsurance Exposures with Copulas and another author for a separate paper.
Instant Messaging continues to grow through grass-roots adoption in the enterprise, and IT managers have difficulty quantifying both the business benefit and risks associated with unmonitored usage of consumer IM systems such as AOL, MSN, and Yahoo
Organizations can use Ventana Research's proprietary model, methodology, benchmark and industry expertise to gain maximum value from their investments by quantifying financial and personnel cost savings.