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The process of quantifying tax risk both in monetary and reputational terms is far from trivial.
The model we described here provides but 1 approach for estimating foodborne illness and quantifying estimate uncertainty.
By automatically quantifying even the smallest lipid droplets in cells, and their association with important intracellular lipid-modulating signaling pathways, our jointly developed tools will enable screens for a broad range of new drug targets.
A new, valuable tool for quantifying this contribution of insurance to a firm's ROE is value at risk, or VaR, a measure of the amount of capital a firm needs to survive an extreme loss.
Most sales and marketing people in our industry understand that the value of quantifying depends on the accuracy of the numerical facts gathered, non-measurable data at hand, and the opinions of whomever must interpret and apply the findings.
What some see as a slow response may reflect the challenges of underwriting risks in an arena that has no track record and the difficulty of accurately quantifying losses on anticipated claims in largely unexplored cyberspace.
The Navy Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract calls for tank testing and sea trials for the M-hull technology, and the development of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools for quantifying the hull's performance.
This systematic, comprehensive method for identifying, assessing, quantifying and managing the full spectrum of corporate risk is expected to burgeon in the next few years, as its benefits become more clearly understood.