quantity produced

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If my view is right, a larger quantity is therefore imperatively required, this time, to repeat the results which the smaller quantity produced, last year.
"The focus is on collecting and disposing of plastics instead of reducing the quantity produced," he said.
The Egyptian ministry previously went through intensive negotiations with the Chinese group GCL, to establish the plant with production capacities between 2,000 and 5,000 MW annually, but required the ministry buying all the quantity produced, which stalled the negotiations.
China and India are producers in their own right but only grow around ten per cent of the quantity produced in the US.
Thus, the quantity produced and expended will be less than that under a competitive market with more players.
Nearly 36million gallons of prosecco was sold in the UK last year, a third of the total quantity produced.
For objective comparability and independent evaluation of the results, the customer set the consumption data in direct relation to the yarn quantity produced.
Mr Tebelelo was quick to point out that the demand for meat was high, adding that the quantity produced was far less than the current demand.
The survey seeks quantitative information on order books, inventories and capacity utilisation, such as, pending order books, backlog order books, total inventories, finished goods inventories, work in progress inventories, installed capacity, quantity produced, capacity utilisation, value of production, etc., from companies involved in the manufacturing activities.
Kaddour also recognised the increase of petroleum prices in the world market that reached $64 against $54 during the drafting of the State's new draft budget adding that "this situation does not frighten us as the smallest quantity produced by Tunisia (40 thousand barrels per day) is sold at very high price in the world market."
Furthermore, it does not need any information about the form of the profit function in order to estimate the quantity produced in the next time step.
It's not produced en masse and the quantity produced is minimal in comparison to those of Fantasia.