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The fundamental role of quantum theory should always be kept in mind, particularly the fact that quantum indeterminacy has impacts upon the macroscopic level, too.
In quantum theory, a particle does not have a definite spin until it is measured.
This apparently obvious absurdity is what forces us to seek out a unification of general relativity and quantum theory.
Recently, however, we've developed the technological sophistication to actually carry out the experiment, and the results showed that the quantum theory was right.
Practically all theoretic particles that are predicted by quantum theory have been found in the last decades, with just a few exceptions, including the enigmatic Majorana particle and the well-known Higgs boson.
This recent approach to quantum theory is part of a larger movement, inspired by the late physicist John Wheeler, to try to recast the explanation of the universe in terms of information.
The second major part of the book considers a number of more or less technical aspects of Whitehead's mature system and explores their relationships to quantum theory.
QUANTUM theory tells us that the very act of observing something affects its properties.
1908: Albert Einstein proposed the quantum theory of light: 'If A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y plus Z.
Before you start laughing, it is a fact that quantum theory is the most thoroughly tested and most successful scientific theory ever.
Rather, they are derived from old ideas known from the earliest days of quantum theory, but not pursued for various (sometimes non-scientific) reasons.
Quantum oscillators play a fundamental role in many areas of physics; for instance, in chemical physics with molecular normal modes, in solid state physics with phonons, and in quantum theory of light with photons.

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