quarantine station

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Searches were conducted at 26 locations, including Kolkata and Delhi at the residential and office premises of certain officials of the Regional Plant Quarantine Station, premises of shipping/clearing agent, importers based in Kolkata and the employees of other private entities.
San Juan and Houston CDC Quarantine Stations coordinated varicella vaccination for the 22 remaining and five new crew members boarding after the end of the 21-day surveillance, all of whom had unknown varicella immunity.
The construction of this quarantine station for animals in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge, where the lions will be kept for vet examination and medicinal treatment, will mark yet another point of successful collaboration between FPWC and WVS.
As the Ebola virus continues to spread around the world, Japan has required its airports to improve quarantine measures, and travelers from Ebola-hit African countries are asked to report their conditions to the quarantine stations.
The number of sanitary and quarantine stations in Kyrgyzstan will be increased to 12 because of the country's accession to the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Community, Director of the Center of Quarantine and Especially Dangerous Infections Nurbolot Usenbayev said on October 13.
Rick Perry on Monday called on the federal government to establish enhanced screening procedures and set up quarantine stations at all U.
Ms Champika Hewage (OIC, Plant Quarantine Station, Sea Port, Colombo), who made an extensive and in-depth presentation on quarantine procedures adopted in Sri Lanka for fruits and vegetables, pledged to the exporters: "When you export these products to markets such as EU, showing exports standards alone may not be enough -sometimes you even need to show that you followed Good Agricultural Practices
This disease has not been reported in the Republic of Panama or in any of the groups of animals previously received at the Paso Canoas quarantine station.
It was used as a quarantine station for ships arriving at Venice during the 18th century.
Mr Sturrock said the branches will go to a quarantine station in Australia.
In particular we focus on two inscriptions located in the Wharf area of the Quarantine Station to illustrate how the archaeological record in this instance provides a mechanism for investigating and exploring the personal and social histories of migration and quarantine.
Representatives from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Section of Epidemiology and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Quarantine Station led a panel discussion on vac- cine-preventable diseases, zoonotic infections, travelers' health and prevention.