quarantine station

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A man claiming to be the firm's senior manager said the parrot had died "miles" from the shop, at a separate quarantine station.
It was found on arrival that the Fijian servant of a high ranking government official (12) appeared to present with symptoms of smallpox and the entire population of the ship was removed to the quarantine station at North Head where they remained for just over three weeks.
The Grosse Ile quarantine station opened in 1832, in response to well-founded Canadian fears of the cholera epidemic which swept westwards across Europe from 1826.
Douglas, the medical officer in charge of the quarantine station, and eighteen medical assistants on duty on Grosse Ile that year.
Besides uncovering a new virus, the test solved the mystery of the phantom virus in stone fruit that had eluded identification at the Canadian quarantine station.
Basis for Design - Animal Quarantine Station Functional Replacement," August 1984.
170 million, are Horticulture Research Institute Khuzdar, Balochistan and Animal Quarantine Station at Gwadar.
986 million for establishment of Animal Quarantine Station Gwadar.
Miguel Escobedo, chief medical officer of the CDC quarantine station in El Paso, he and his team of three other officers receive a handful of calls from CBP to inspect travelers or cargo suspected of carrying a communicable disease.
They are: National Integrated Pest Management Project, Rapid Conversion of World Olive into Oil Bearing Species, Establishment of Post Entry Quarantine Station, Construction and Execution of Port Qasim Station Karachi, Accreditation of Quarantine Facilities and Training of Staff of CPQL DPP Karachi, and Crop Scouting.