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QUARREL. A dispute; a difference. In law, particularly in releases, which are taken most strongly against the releasor, when a man releases all quarrels he is said to release all actions, real and personal. 8 Co. 153.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He said preliminary investigation revealed that the senior citizen had accused his girlfriend of having another lover and they quarrelled.
Neighbours said the two quarrelled frequently and at times they fought in public.
Police sources said here on Saturday that Tabaraq Hussain Shah and his uncle Shah Nawaz of Kot Belian Tehsil Mouchh quarrelled with Saqib Abbas and others during local level friendly football match and both sides used sticks to beat each others.
Prosecutors charged the 27-year-old worker, M.K., with murdering his fellow countrywoman, only identified as EoACAySalma', because he quarrelled with her over her fee after having sex with her.
According to details Zahoor Ahmad resident of Chak 34 /12-L was suspicious of his wife's character and quarrelled with her often.
It is indeed, after their long years of fruitful association they have quarrelled about a carpet.
According to Raja Jang police, Shabbir Ahmed and his wife Azran Bibi often quarrelled with each other over petty issues.