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See: altercation, argument, bicker, brawl, challenge, collide, commotion, conflict, confrontation, contend, contention, contest, contradict, contravention, controversy, difference, disaccord, disagree, disagreement, dispute, dissension, dissent, dissidence, embroilment, feud, fight, fracas, fray, incompatibility, object, opposition, outbreak, split, strife, struggle, variance

QUARREL. A dispute; a difference. In law, particularly in releases, which are taken most strongly against the releasor, when a man releases all quarrels he is said to release all actions, real and personal. 8 Co. 153.

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Other drinkers would follow and form a circle while the two quarrellers, stripped to the half, and just like their heroes on the mountainside, start fighting with bare fists.
You that have been the greatest sinners, drunkards, quarrellers, Lyars.
Strain's expressions and gaze as his eyes snap back and forth between the quarrellers who disregard his mediation efforts is riveting.