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A bowl of red apples in the northeast would be a great antidote to the quarrelsome star this year.
An aspect that does not seem to have been analyzed previously is the relation between academic self-concept and the different behavioral categories that may appear within the classroom, such as leader, nice, collaborator, quarrelsome, obedient, and good student.
Crucially important was theology, that quarrelsome old woman (to borrow a phrase from Erasmus), which received a specific and striking endorsement at the Fourth Lateran Council that approved Peter Lombard.
Drunk on the power of their recent success and unable to agree on one idea, the quarrelsome trio have decided to break free from the shackles of the group and go it alone.
He quoted one of the US founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, as telling his quarrelsome colleagues: "We must all hang together, or we shall surely hang separately.
The show confronts serious issues of racism and politics, while focusing on laughs and Larry David-style misunderstandings in the story of a Palestinian journalist who must cross into Jerusalem daily for work, and of his relationship with his quarrelsome extended family.
Sharing of assets and other resources between the successor states will be no less agonising than the pangs of partition in a quarrelsome family.
The failure of the marriage caused Latife Hanym to be portrayed as a "sharp-tongued, quarrelsome women who strained AtatE-rk's nerves," according to a post on the website of the publishing house.
Determined to find out why the kingdom is nearly bankrupt, Thomas and his ill-assorted and quarrelsome allies set out to face Kalthazari the gigantic, fearsome Dragon, to demand she release some of her gold.
On one hand, the two quarrelsome stepsisters, Clorinda and Tisbe, were sung with a nasty, avaricious bite by Dana Pundt and Sarah Larsen.
it's the quarrelsome blind man inside your feelings out for a
Its quarrelsome birds, smoke, stink, darkening mountains no one wants to cross for the sake of this godforsaken country of souls or anywhere else for that matter.