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QUARREL. A dispute; a difference. In law, particularly in releases, which are taken most strongly against the releasor, when a man releases all quarrels he is said to release all actions, real and personal. 8 Co. 153.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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ungesibsumnes 'quarrelsomeness' [[[un]Af3[[[ge]Af1[sib]N][sum]Af2]Adj][ness]Af4]N
The document dated March 15, 1587, puts Drake in charge of the fleet "for the honour and safetie of our Realmes and Domynions" and authorises him to punish sedition, disobedience and quarrelsomeness on the voyage.
The power of dissent is the power of argument, and sometimes of quarrelsomeness, oddity, or isolation.
However, by proposing that it is "no more natural than quarrelsomeness" (p.122) he dismisses its pervasiveness, and should explore the relationship between sex and aggression more closely.
The reasoning was simple: people who had overcome pride had also freed themselves from quarrelsomeness, spendthriftness, inability to learn, and irrationality stemming from passion.
Be sure that no cartons (big or little) of bumptiousness or quarrelsomeness get into your baggage.
65-8 on the belief that quarrelsomeness causes misfortune.
7, 1108a 9-30; Aquinas, Commentary, 350-54), comprising as it does the virtues of truthfulness or sincerity (the mean between boastfulness and mock-modesty), friendliness or affability (the mean between obsequiousness or, what is much worse, flattery, on the one hand and quarrelsomeness on the other) and wittiness (a mean between buffoonery and boorishness).
Examples include curiosity, humor, creativity, affability, and quarrelsomeness....
a slide." He grants that public confidence in it has declined seriously over the last several decades and that there is little tolerance for the institution's "complex deliberative processes or its unending quarrelsomeness." Media coverage has become scantier and less edifying.