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QUARRY. A place whence stones are dug for the purpose of being employed in building, making roads, and the like.
     2. When a farm is let with an open quarry, the tenant may, when not restrained by his contract, take out the stone, but he has no right to open new quarries. Vide Mines. Waste.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Quarrying seems to have begun in the swale, where the edge of the sandstone is exposed as a low bench.
NFU West Midlands spokesman Andrew Richards said: "More members are considering quarrying because of the devastating decline in the farming industry.
"Majority of the members of the LZRC review committee signed for the passage of the resolution but we, the IDIS, do not really sign resolutions about quarrying," she said in a phone call.
Now the Save Gillies Hill group - long-standing opponents of quarrying in the area - has put together a petition against the plan which can be signed at Stirling and Cambusbarron Libraries.
In a telephone interview, Antiporda, also the DENR's undersecretary for solid-waste management and LGUs, said the team will determine whether the quarrying operations in the province, or whether those that operate under the permits issued by the DENR-MGB or concerned LGUs, should be discontinued for good.
Interviewed during NEDA's Tunog ng Progreso radio program over the weekend, NEDA Undersecretary for regional development Adoracion Navarro said areas like the Davao region- which registered a 10.9 percent growth in Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) in 2017- has been seeing robust growth in construction, as well as in mining and quarrying activities.
The report said quarrying activities have generally hurt the environment and people in the surrounding areas, including quarry workers.
But Flor struck down a provision in the settlement which would have allowed manual quarrying.
By introducing mechanized quarrying technology, PASDEC committed to transforming the quarries, presently using conventional methods of
It's been a challenging few years for the quarrying industry - not just in the Middle East but across the world.
Marshalls Natural Stone Ltd, of Southowram, wants to extend the quarrying area around its existing Moselden Height Quarry off Sf addleworth Road, Scammonden.
SLATE quarrying - the most Welsh of Welsh industries, according to historian Arthur Herbert Dodd.