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The rhythms are the same proportional length, but the second contains one more quarter note, a note whose duration we can think of as being subtracted from the tied note.
Even the solid quarter notes of 4/4 differ in feel.
Some measures, have three quarter notes, one dotted half note, and a quarter and a half note combined.
Ozark Waltz is accessible to late-elementary students (and possibly easier levels): quarter notes, moderate speed, minimal accidentals and no intervals greater than a fifth.
In number 3, quarter notes are added, eighth notes in number 6, a new key signature in 7, and so forth until we encounter number 15, by which time dotted rhythms, independent lines, a wider range (overall f to e" /f"), rests of different durations, various notated articulations, and dynamic changes have all been added.
The first piece, well known, "Au clair de la lune," introduces beamed eighth notes, quarter notes and half notes.
Over a simple slow afterbeat accompaniment pattern of [micron] [crochet] [micron] [crochet] with the half notes in the bass on beats one and three and the quarter notes in the treble on beats two and four, Margaret sings a sad, tender, lightly syncopated melody as the lullaby.
Pianists read in C, F, G and D major, and play eighth and dotted quarter notes.
Rhythm Menagerie begins with quarter- and half-note rhythms, and progresses through whole and half rests, eighth notes and eighth rests, ending with dotted quarter notes.
Miranda's first speech is set mostly in quarter notes with a spare chordal accompaniment.
Eighth notes and dotted quarter notes are introduced within the first 12 pages of Volume 2.
Rhythms are basic, nothing harder than tied notes and dotted quarter notes followed by an eighth note.