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QUARTER. A measure of length, equal to four inches. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Sergeant Oscar Rivera, a squad leader and inspector with 11th Quartermaster Company, looks up at a rigger during one of the packing inspection check points.
At the Quartermaster Center and School, we are in the process of updating existing training courses and evaluating the possibility of developing new ones.
The ordnance, transportation, and quartermaster branches will still remain.
A quartermaster lieutenant will be the platoon leader of a supply platoon that is made up of Soldiers who receive, store, and issue supplies.
"They got on the gangway and the ship's quartermaster brought his rifle up to arm and issued a warning to them to leave."
Normally, a naval quartermaster is responsible for the watch-to-watch navigation of the ship, under the direction of the navigator.
At Fort Dix, the primary signal mission was to provide communications support to the 402nd Quartermaster Battalion and 227th Quartermaster Company.
The researchers compared DNA extracted from the gills of English sole in the Duwamish River (which flows into the sound through a heavily industrialized area in south Seattle) to DNA taken from fish in the relatively clean Quartermaster Harbor.
In 1807, Sharpe, promoted to second lieutenant, chafes nevertheless because he is assigned quartermaster chores while his regiment goes off to battle.
A group of congressmen suspicious of Washington arranged to have the quartermaster's position raised to a brigadier generalship and maintained independently of Washington's command.
A retired Army Quartermaster officer, she has nine years experience in security assistance.

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