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The quarter to five has struck, and the play slackens for a minute before goal; but there is Crew, the artful dodger, driving the ball in behind our goal, on the island side, where our quarters are weakest.
A quarter past one now struck, and the bell began tolling for dinner; so they went into the hall and took their places, Tom at the very bottom of the second table, next to the prepostor (who sat at the end to keep order there), and East a few paces higher.
We are excited with the results and believe, with our inventory of drilling locations, we can continue to experience similar progress on this lease in future quarters.
Following this change, the Company has had the highest cumulative dividends and the highest cumulative return on equity for the following six quarters compared with the Company's 2005 RMBS peer group, as spelled out by the equity research analysts who cover the sector.
After declines in each of the two previous quarters, the number of sales rose to 684, compared with 511 during the first quarter of 1998, and 567 during the fourth quarter of 1997.
08 million but are expected to return to a more normal level over the next few quarters as new systems are manufactured and deployed at a rate of approximately one per quarter, as demand dictates.
Overall, seasonally adjusted rates in all four quarters of 1996 were higher than those of 1995 and prior years.
5 million adjustment made in order to reverse items that were expensed during the first and second quarters of 2005.
Note: The seasonally adjusted annual rate for a particular quarter represents what the total number of actual sales for a year would be if the relative sales pace for that quarter was maintained for four consecutive quarters.
The substantial decrease in the second quarter of 2005 was the result of the payoff of the Bank One loan and other secured notes, and the exchange of preferred stock subject to mandatory redemption for cash or for interests in a drilling program, all of which occurred in the second or later quarters of 2004.
Freight demand in the quarter was slightly off the robust first quarter 2004 levels, but still remained strong when compared historically to other first quarters.
Nasdaq:LINK) today announced its intention to restate its financial results for the first three quarters of 2004 to reflect two matters identified in the course of the 2004 annual audit.