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QUART, measures. A quart is a liquid measure containing one-fourth part of a gallon.

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Somebody had to pay for the six quarts, which, multiplied by thirty, amounted to a tidy sum in the course of the month; and, since that man was Dag Daughtry, he found it necessary to pass Michael inboard on the Makambo through a starboard port-hole.
And so, knowing his captain's speech, swollen with pride in his own prowess, Dag Daughtry would continue his ship-work with extra vigour and punish a seventh quart for the day in advertisement of his remarkable constitution.
And ten pounds, metamorphosed into quart bottles of beer, reared an immense and radiant vision, very like a brewery, inside his head.
Many a man, as every doctor knows, has died of the sudden impact of a quart or more of whisky.
A roar of delight from his audience, with stamping of feet and beating of blackjacks against the ground, showed how thoroughly the song was to their taste, while John modestly retired into a quart pot, which he drained in four giant gulps.
Reste A dire que ces demi-finales promettent donc beaucoup pour les quatre protagonistes qui ont rA@alisA@ des qualifications plus ou moins difficiles lors des quarts, le Maroc au dA@triment de la Namibie (2-0), le Soudan face A la Zambie (1-0), le Nigeria devant l'Angola aprA?
L'Esperance de Tunis affrontera l'equipe gabonaise de Phoenix et l'AS Hammamet rencontrera les Marocains de Widad Smara, jeudi en quarts de quarts de finale du championnat d'Afrique des Clubs Champions de handball (messieurs), organise a Hammamet.
The steel men were leading by two goals in the first two quarts, both scored by Abbas Haider on penalty corners, but they lost their grip on the proceedings which suddenly slipped into Railways' favour in the third quart the rail men not only leveled the score but took a goal lead as well.
La Tunisie et la Republique democratique du Congo ont obtenu leur qualification, lundi dernier, pour les quarts de finale de la CAN-2015 dans le Groupe B et rejoignent ainsi le Congo et la Guinee equatoriale qualifies dans le Groupe A.
One year, she canned 200 quarts of green beans, in addition to tomatoes and spaghetti sauce.
If you have a full 10-quart pitcher of milk, an empty 3-quart pitcher, and an empty 7-quart pitcher, how will you divide them so that the 10-quart pitcher and the 7-quart pitcher both hold exactly 5 quarts of milk?
This year, Indulac will use more than 526,000 quarts of fresh milk to produce its white cheese.