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The first chick, born on Easter Sunday, was named Wotsit, followed by Quaver on Sunday, Frazzle on Monday and Cheeto, who was born on Tuesday.
All that was left was a packet of Quavers. I pretended to be disappointed, but secretly I was pleased.
(1.) Taking into account the equation: 2 normal quavers = 3 quavers in triplets; so a quaver in triplets = 0.67 normal quaver.
Bring your peeps and BFFs and take a good look at Quaver's Marvelous World of Music!
Headscratcher: Quaver and quiver look a lot alike, sound a lot alike, and in fact they both mean "to tremble."
Donohue: In the past year, my voice began to quaver. I mentioned it to my doctor; and he said it was a family tremor.
A quaver in her voice, buttressed by our understanding that her preferred links to the outside world are showing their age as much as she is, gives the oration an elegiac tone.
S U B O R D I N A T E L Y C F G H J K M P Q V W X Z Encoding is accomplished by vertical substitution; thus QUAVER encodes as AFQTWJ.
Candy likes all cat food and the occasional Quaver.
Music, particularly muted trumpet solos, adds a nice lonesome quaver.