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Picking up a penguin - or two: new zoo arrivals Quaver and Cheeto
Quaver is a lifetime lover of literature who decided to write a novel for his son's thirteenth birthday present.
Taking into account the equation: 2 normal quavers = 3 quavers in triplets; so a quaver in triplets = 0.
While some may consider the cost to be prohibitive, Quaver Music will work out personalized payment plans.
Headscratcher: Quaver and quiver look a lot alike, sound a lot alike, and in fact they both mean "to tremble.
You can download shapes, such as this quaver, free from www.
She's got an old-lady quaver in her repertoire, as well as German, Irish, and French accents.
With violinist Steve Wickham at the heart and soul of every beat and every quaver, they're as good as their halcyon days of Glastonbury 1986.
TRACEY: Cheesy Quaver refused Big Brother's offer of a 10-year-old car because the one she lives in is much newer.
We followed suit last week and decided to see what we could get for a selection of tat including a peanut, an After Eight mint wrapper, a used battery and teabag and an empty pack of Quaver crisps.
pounds 80 fine for toddler dropping a Quaver and three-year driving ban for having consensual sex with another adult.
I really fancy a Quaver and honey sandwich,' she had said at that moment.