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Street bands are on their mettle in Golden Square; and itinerant glee- singers quaver involuntarily as they raise their voices within its boundaries.
It was said with infinite contempt; but something like a suppressed quaver in the voice made me look at her again.
He did not wish to die; but he could look death in the face now as he had many times before without a quaver.
And to cap it all, when Mercedes, with tears in her pretty eyes and a quaver in her throat, could not cajole him into giving the dogs still more, she stole from the fish-sacks and fed them slyly.
For all that, he studied his visitor awhile in silence, and when he spoke his voice had a quaver of misgiving.
Rosie Jones, nine, and her dog, Quaver, were among the winners and came third in the "Dog most like its owner" category, while Matthew Mair, of Widnes, was pleased with wins by his dog, Monty, for Best in Show and Best Condition.
It's a quaver the throat knows, locked in middle earth and ice.
It wasn't long before we asked her to serve on our Quaver Advisory Council," says Steve Gilreath, VP/Marketing for Quaver.
There are talking composer statues, other kids and lots of clever characters to assist Quaver in his musical adventures.
A quaver in her voice, buttressed by our understanding that her preferred links to the outside world are showing their age as much as she is, gives the oration an elegiac tone.
Candy likes all cat food and the occasional Quaver.