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Magdalen followed in the direction of the quavering voice, and found herself in a little room looking out on the back yard.
Me fella Lerumie," came the chirping, quavering answer.
He was voicing an utter woe, his cry bursting upward in great heart-breaking rushes, dying down into quavering misery, and bursting upward again with a rush upon rush of grief.
Three, most holy father," the brother answered in a low and quavering voice.
which he repeated, in the same shrill quavering notes, again and again, until a violent fit of coughing obliged him to desist, and to pursue in silence, the occupation upon which he was engaged.
Once more she was a fresh-cheeked lass of eighteen; she was at evening church, and the hectic writing-master and she were quavering out of the same psalm-book.
If Mrs Varden could have seen the virtuous gentleman as he said these words, with indignation sparkling from his eyes--if she could have heard his broken, quavering voice--if she could have beheld him as he stood bareheaded in the sunlight, and with unwonted energy poured forth his eloquence!
I know very little of the world, sir,' returned the other, who had a weak and quavering voice.
When I was growing up Simkins was associated with quavering civil servants.
In its vibrant, quavering "Escape Plan," with its racy lyrics, or the paranoia-inducing bass line of "Enemy," the Rectangle Club attacks with a sound that's utterly unique.
Now," Ellie announced in a quavering voice, "thank the Lord, Frank is out of hospital and doctors say that with time, his scrotum should recover completely.
Not just because of her quavering soprano hitting all the right notes with surgical precision during her long solos but also as it melts into the duets in satisfying style.