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Athens and Persia" He warned against the "danger of futility: the belief that there is nothing one man or one woman can do against the enormous array of the world's ills" Steadying his quavering mice, he declared that many of the world's great movements began with the work of a single man.
But as they broke into a few quavering bars of the group's hit Runaway, Cilla took them by Surprise
Someone spoke up from the back of the room; it was the familiar quavering voice of Benjamin V.
Distantly, I feel the first quavering note & secret surging joy of one about to come into the kingdom of himself, see as by razor gleam suspended in water a body, slowly unraveling crimson ropes, pale shapes circling the edge of sleep.
Culled from five different sessions held over a six-month period, this casual yet strikingly coherent collection covers the whole Adams spectrum, from apocalyptic jangle pop (``Nuclear'') to Dylanesque folk surrealism (``Desire,'' which shares a title with one of Bob's best albums) to quavering Gram Parsons seance (``Hallelujah'') and fine heartbroke kid whine (``Cry on Demand'').
Language suffers most of all, as a long line of Transcendental Victims use terms like "racist," "sexist," "homophobic," and "Eurocentric" so freely that they lose all significance, and crude pop-Stalinist phrases like "Dead White European Males" (in Hughes' acerbic formulation, "the pale patriarchal penis people") are used to browbeat a quavering academy.
Her wrongly accused Imogen is a tough, spirited cookie, all right, but Shapiro lays on the quavering voice and scorned-woman heat a bit thickly, gives us too much Barbara Stanwyck and not enough Desdemona.
It's a question Barney Fife might have asked, neck thrust out and voice quavering.
Yes, Papa, yes, Papa,'' said Janna, imitating her son's quavering, obedient tone.