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1) In pieces containing sections with different tempi, these sections were considered separately, since in these cases the quavers in the different sections are not of equivalent length.
The visions of roaring log fires and hearty food were receding , to be replaced with bags of Quavers, vanilla-flavoured Hobnobs and Picnic bars.
Five students from the college toured the factory in Siskin Drive West, Toll Bar End and unveiled their bag made of Quavers packets.
Small bags of French Fries and Quavers were already under 99 calories, while the Wotsits and Squares bags had been reduced by 1g and 3g respectively to bring down the calorie count.
Even better, Quavers now have 25% less salt but they still melt in your mouth.
For every pack of Walkers Comic Relief limited edition crisps sold, 1p will be donated to Comic Relief, 6p from the Walkers Comic Relief Variety six-pack and 10p from the Quavers Comic Relief Variety 10-pack.
To claim your free pack, all you need to do is to cut out the voucher below, and take it along to your local Scottish SPAR store to claim your FREE pack of Walkers Quavers today.
Splicer and Quavers - in the 70's they were the most sophisticated of crisps with a promise of a better future.
After the golf they had juice and quavers in the Clubhouse.
Our grotty lot is completed by a lone dry-roasted peanut and one Quavers crisp plus an empty packet.
The Coventry factory, at Middlemarch Business Park in Siskin Drive, Toll Bar End, already employs 450 people and produces Doritos, French Fries, Squares and Quavers.
By the time I got to senior school we were being forced to read crotchets and quavers by a fearsome music teacher, putting them to regular use for the delight and delectation -- sort of -- of parents at prize giving ceremonies.