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TOP SNACKS Walkers Pringles Doritos Kettle Chips McCoy's Walkers Sensations Golden Wonder Tyrell's Hula Hoops Seabrook Monster Munch Quavers Wotsits Brannigans Salt and vinegar Chipsticks Mini Cheddars Burton's Fish and Chips Salt and Vinegar Squares Walkers Salt 'n' Shake Nik Naks
Then came the Hula-Hoops, Quavers, Monster Munch, Wotsits and Chipsticks, the staple additions to any decent Meal Deal.
I opened my packet of Quavers and began to munch them contentedly, yet mildly envious of the playground before my eyes.
In order to calculate how many quavers of a certain note were used in a piece, the following procedures were applied:
Five students from the college toured the factory in Siskin Drive West, Toll Bar End and unveiled their bag made of Quavers packets.
"Or Quavers," says Sheila, reflecting on her own experiences.
In these emotional tales of people trying to make sense and order out of their messy lives, the 22-year-old Oklahoman sounds like Bjork's heartland cousin as her voice quavers with barely contained emotion.
If my 'stoner' pal became a MotoGP star, he would have to make regular pit-stops to stock up on Quavers and pretzels, so would probably not win many races.
It covers his activities with opera companies in New York, along with summaries of the first two volumes, Crochets and Quavers and Sharps and Flats, which were published during his lifetime and then reissued in the 1960s.
The limited edition packs include Walkers Cheese and Pickle, Barbecue Chicken, Bacon and Ketchup and Quavers Cheese and Bacon.
The visions of roaring log fires and hearty receding, replaced with Quavers, Hobnobs bars.
Splicer and Quavers - in the 70's they were the most sophisticated of crisps with a promise of a better future.