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For all that, he studied his visitor awhile in silence, and when he spoke his voice had a quaver of misgiving.
Just about to buy more Quavers when Mark Darcy turns up - not impressed with new look.
SOME things are better bigger - bags of Quavers, airline seats, roads, some human body parts.
Wily punctum : called virga and often doubled thus the bivirga , two quavers united by a slur .
I opened my packet of Quavers and began to munch them contentedly, yet mildly envious of the playground before my eyes.
The visions of roaring log fires and hearty receding, replaced with Quavers, Hobnobs bars.
BOSSES at food giant Walkers were so impressed with a crisp packet dress made by students at Henley College they asked them to make a bag out of Quavers packets and invited them to visit.
Walkers is highlighting the 99-or-less calorie count of its Quavers, Wotsits, French Fries and Squares brands on front of pack.
I won't be watching, I'll be eating Quavers in the pub.
If my 'stoner' pal became a MotoGP star, he would have to make regular pit-stops to stock up on Quavers and pretzels, so would probably not win many races.
Barbara Jubb was pounced on by litter wardens because she didn't pick up 20-month-old Emily's Quavers.
Now Walkers has relaunched them in a new healthier version along with other old favourites Squares, French Fries and Quavers.