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It's Bart but with a quavery voice - the only time I hear Nancy putting on her the famous Simpson Jnr twang - but it was enough for an telephone answering machine message.
It's one thing to listen respectfully to the quavery tones of our architectural heroes but it's a perversion of the functions of the Web to use it to broadcast hours of earnest waffle.
As a longtime campaign watcher, I would advise the press to keep an open mind, considering the volatility of the two major issues: a quavery economy, and the war on Iraq.
While rehearsing the crucial knifing scene of his "movie" reenactment, he bellows at the quavery teen playing the young "Makhmalbaf," "You say you want to make the world better?
and Cyndi Lauper's quavery cover of Springsteen's I Drove All Night.
Quavery and light, the voice was childlike in pitch but also burnished, rough, palpably that of an elderly woman.
Even though he, like virtually all other reggae singers, was eclipsed by Marley, Cliff has cut a number of classic tunes in the past twenty-five years: "Sitting Here in Limbo," "Struggling Man:' "You Can Get It if You Really Want:' "Many Rivers to Cross' " "Wonderful World, Beautiful People:' His voice, high and thin and quavery compared with those of peers like Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and Toots Hibbert, soars and stretches with an appealing waif-like quality over his characteristically busy arrangements.
And the RBL had recruited quavery old lads - described by all as "war heroes" - to describe their shock and horror that metal thieves had nicked war memorial hardware to flog for meltdown.
Goodman, with her pixyish appearance and Southern-tinged, quavery voice, had an eclectic show business career.