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Meath has a calming, lightly quavery singing voice, and she's canny about its uses.
Swedish bass Mats Almgren contributed a suitably black-sounding Daland alongside Robert Kunzli's focused, bright-toned Erik, Barbara Dever's quavery, plush-toned Mary and Adam Luther's able steersman.
and Chamberlain's quavery voice on the radio; then my mother said, 'It's not Hitler.
and Lundt instantly launches into a quavery rendition of the 1892 song written by Hames Thorton.
At first, it was quavery and uncertain and then his guitar howled in the nave, as his swelling voice lifted the sentiment, louder and louder, through all the clouds and into the opening blue.
In quavery lines like "no matter how blue the ocean dreams you, / how empty the wind wants you to be" or "One word, its trough and crest-- / a wave lengthening to the shore," one senses a slightly waterlogged storehouse of images.