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QUAY, estates. A wharf at which to load or land goods, sometimes spelled key.
     2. In its enlarged sense the word quay, means the whole space between the first row of houses of a city, and the sea or river 5 L. R. 152, 215. So much of the quay as is requisite for the public use of loading and unloading vessels, is public property, and cannot be appropriated to private use, but the rest may be, private property. Id. 201.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The marshal made no attempt to force that barrier and returned up the quay. But at Pont Neuf he found Louvieres and his bourgeois.
The whole French court ran to the harbor, while the quays and jetties were soon covered by crowds of people.
Keeping in the shadows of the great monoliths that line the Avenue of Quays of sleeping Aaanthor, he approached the plaza.
Then Thar Ban vaulted to the back of his thoat, Thuvia of Ptarth still in his arms, and with a savage cry of triumph disappeared down the black canyon of the Avenue of Quays between the sullen palaces of forgotten Aaanthor.
Northwich's Barons Quay centre cost Cheshire West and Cheshire Council more than PS1.5m last year, across operational costs, loan interest and costs for several empty units.
BRICKLIVE Fantasy Kingdomhas arrived at Mermaid Quay. In Tacoma Square at the heart of Mermaid Quay until Sunday, September 1, it features nine models made up of nearly 750,000 LEGOA[R] bricks.
Nine sculptures made with nearly 750,000 Lego bricks have taken centre stage in Tacoma Square in Mermaid Quay.
This will be the first time Bricklive's Fantasy Kingdom has been be on display in Wales and follows the success of previous displays at Mermaid Quay.
In December,North Tyneside Council'splanning committee went against its own officers to reject proposals to build apartments on North Shield's Fish Quay for being "bland and uniform".
NEW Quay RNLI are looking for volunteer shore crew to join the team at New Quay Lifeboat Station.