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QUEAN. A worthless woman a strumpet. The meaning of this word, which is now seldom used, is said not to be well ascertained. 2 Roll. Ab. 296 Bac. Ab. Stander, U 3.

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The Ice Queans are as delicious as they sound - well, how could I refuse a spoonful or two or three of dark chocolate with orange - and it's one way to enjoy a Queans treat at home.
An investor would enjoy steady and reliable cast flow from the warehouse occupied by The Department of Sanitation, which is highly unlikely to relocate since the building is practically a built-to-suit, not to mention that its location is strategically ideal for servicing the majority of Central Queans.
And he was sore shocked and went back for his wife, and she came and looked and was shocked as well, and if they'd had a camera they'd have taken photographs, they were so delighted and shocked to see two queans that they knew in such a like way, they'd be able to tell the story about them all the years that they lived on earth; and make it a tit-bit in hell forbye.
The most visible queans were the powdered and effeminate 'Dilly Boys' (like Lady Austin's Camp Boys) and the bad boys were young workingmen, sailors, guardsmen, and casual labourers who moved between same-sex and heterosexual activity sometimes for money but not necessarily so.
10-11, has commented upon Machin's Eglogs, and Mary Bly suggests that the poems concerning Apollo and Hyacinth should probably be considered the most explicit early modern depiction of same-sex love: Queer Virgins and Virgin Queans on the Early Modern Stage (Oxford U.
Kelly and Marina Leslie's collection Menacing Virgins [1999]) and on female/feminine queerness in the period (see also Mary Bly's Queer Virgins and Virgin Queans on the Early Modern Stage [2000]).
Various competitions will encourage amateur foodies to join in the action such as the Great Leamington Bake Off which invites keen bakers to enter cakes and have them judged by local chefs, Jenny Hudson of Sweet As Cakes, Laura Hamilton of Queans and Peter Knibb of Restaurant 23.
The six story apartment building, which consists of 87 units and totals approximately 78,000 s/f, is located near the Queans Botanical Garden, the Flushing Meadows Golf Center, Kissena Corridor Park, and the seven train.
1) Studies of individual companies and their repertories exemplify this tendency; such works include Roslyn Knutson's The Repertory of Shakespeare's Company 1594-1613, Scott McMillin and Sally-Beth MacLean's The Queen's Men and Their Plays, Mary Bly's Queer Virgins and Virgin Queans on the Early Modern Stage (which deals with the King's Revels company), Andrew Gurr's The Shakespeare Company, 1594-1642, and Lucy Munro's Children of the Queen's Revels.
Throughout the year, they are therefore organising regular tasting events for both wine and whisky lovers, as well as conducting gourmet food and wine nights in association with Queans in Leamington and Malbec in Stratford.
Queer Virgins and Virgin Queans on the Early Modern Stage New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000 By Mary Bly
QUEANS Renowned for their homemade ice-cream, Queans was listed as one of The Times' top 20 places that foodies love to eat.