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QUEEN. There are several kinds of queens in some countries. 1. Queen regnant, is a woman who possesses in her own right the executive power of the country.
     2. Queen consort, is the wife of a king.
     3. Queen dowager is the widow of a king. In the United States there is no one with this title.

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Strictly speaking, of course, in an hereditary monarchy, the primary role of a queen consort is to produce an heir.
You have to remember that she was once the Queen Consort and the Empress of India.
The longest-lived Queen Consort in history was the bestloved member of the Royal Family of the past 100 years, a majestic great-grandmother to the nation.
The longest-lived Queen Consort in history was the best-loved member of the Royal Family this century, a majestic greatgrandmother to the nation.
As Queen Consort, she rose to that challenge, even helping husband "Bertie" conquer a debilitating stammer.
This book focuses on one period of the evolution of queenship, beginning with the changes in the role of queen consort in the twelfth century and ending with the exclusion of women from royal succession in France in the early fourteenth century.
She was queen consort or queen dowager for fifty-five years, played a significant role in the politics of her time, and her example had a profound effect on the status of English queens for succeeding centuries.
In which country is Queen Sonja the Queen Consort to King Harald V?
In 1509, Henry VIII was crowned king of England; his wife, Catherine of Aragon, was crowned queen consort.
Mary - queen of Scotland and briefly queen consort of France - had previously claimed Elizabeth's throne as her own and was considered the legitimate sovereign of England by many English Catholics, including partici-pants in the Rising of the North.
She became Queen Consort when she married Henry VII.
Other European monarchs have also produced twins 6 in 1556, Catherine de MA[c]dici, the Queen consort of France and wife of King Henry II, gave birth to twin baby girls, Joan of Valois and Victoria of Valois.