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QUEEN. There are several kinds of queens in some countries. 1. Queen regnant, is a woman who possesses in her own right the executive power of the country.
     2. Queen consort, is the wife of a king.
     3. Queen dowager is the widow of a king. In the United States there is no one with this title.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But the Queen mother of Sukusuku, who doubles as the Abakumahemaa of the Sefwi Bekwai Traditional area, at a press conference vowed to resist the imposition and subsequent installation of an unknown person on them, even if they have to clash with the police and soldiers at the cost of their lives to avert it, stressing that, 'We will never agree'.
However, due to sickness of the former Queen Mother, he has postponed the visit for the time beings and has returned Kathmandu on Wednesday.
Later, accompanied by grandson Prince Charles, the Queen Mother made her way to Buckingham Palace in a horse-drawn carriage adorned in blue and gold flowers.
"I remember being at an event with the Queen Mother in the Eighties when a woman tried to curry favour with her saying something along the lines of 'Aren't these miners terrible', but the Queen Mother bristled at the comment, and said she thought the miners were right.
The Prince of Wales then paid a poignant personal tribute to his "darling grandmother", praising the Queen Mother's "vitality".
The Chancellor told the Commons: 'Mr Deputy Speaker, it is right to honour the life and service of the Queen Mother with a permanent memorial to her.
Guests at the castle, bought by the Queen Mother in 1952, always feared having their ankles bitten by the Queen Mother's corgis, which used to spend much of the night on the steps outside her bedroom door.
The pretty castle by the sea in Canisbay, six miles west of John O'Groats, was a favourite holiday spot of the Queen Mother since she bought the property in 1952.
The Prince of Wales will officially open the Queen Mother Memorial Gates at The Black Watch HQ at Balhousie Castle, Perth.
The Queen Mother's biography is due out in 2007 and will now be published by Macmillan, reports The Guardian.
Some bequests will be made to members of the Queen Mother's staff - although these will be subject to Inheritance Tax.
Some bequests will be made to members of the Queen Mother's staff, although these will be subject to inheritance tax.