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Keeps a syphon wid de figgurs on de slate - de queerest figgurs I ebber did see.
It seems the very maddest, queerest thing that ever happened to me.
But I think very little of that; people caught in a real shock of surprise are sometimes found in the queerest postures.
The Diogenes Club is the queerest club in London, and Mycroft one of the queerest men.
While she stood looking eagerly at the strange and beautiful sights, she noticed coming toward her a group of the queerest people she had ever seen.
She had allowed him up to this point to talk so frankly that he had no expectation of shocking her by this ejaculation; but she immediately got up, blushing visibly, and leaving him to exclaim mentally that little American flirts were the queerest creatures in the world.
Now I'll tell you the queerest part of the whole story.
But her agitation flashed the queerest lights upon her past.
The path to Bunbury seemed little traveled, but it was distinct enough and ran through the trees in a zigzag course until it finally led them to an open space filled with the queerest houses Dorothy had ever seen.
There's a big stone wall and a row of enormous trees all around it, and rows of trees all through it, and the queerest old tombstones, with the queerest and quaintest inscriptions.
That's the queerest fellow I ever knew in my life," he said.
Queerest sight of all, here and there were peasants at work in the fields.