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Queering cross-sex friendships: an analysis of gay and bisexual men's workplace friendships with heterosexual women.
After a brief introduction, the study is divided into three parts, "Gothic Sexuality," "Gothic Culture," and "Gothic Fiction and the Queering of Culture.
Hence the editors' introduction endeavours to define queering as a constructive effort, one of 'interrogating agendas' as the subtitle has it.
Young, queer dream activists are queering ethnic studies, or making racialized people the subjects of queer analysis, which complicates, expands, and emboldens our analysis and hopefully our praxis.
The 1990s, it seems, were heady years for queering education--theoretically extending the promise of, as Miller (1998) might put it, possibility.
important element of our everyday because queering functions both as a
Max Fincher, for example, opens his book Queering Gothic in the Romantic Age (2007) with an anecdote about his childhood desire to be a witch.
I am thinking, especially, of the work of many of those who contributed to Queering the Pitch.
And why is it important that educators think about queering sex/gender to begin with?
And while queering gay history by concentrating on same-sex acts and behaviors is one way to move gay history out of a ghetto, it's not the only way.
Queering meant to challenge heteronormative representations of gender and sexuality.
Queering straight teachers; discourse and identity in education.