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The brilliant essays by Declan Kavanagh, on the mutual articulations of gender, race, and sexuality in the figure of the eighteenth--century Irish 'fribble', and by Sarah McKibben, queering the Irish early modern, are testament to how much historical work remains to be done in Irish Queer Studies.
By contrast, looking at the situation of gay and lesbian people in contemporary Botswana teaches us that queering exercises are not only pursued from the comfort of one's [Northern] university desk or armchair: In Southern Africa, 'queering the heterosexist paradigm is done at the potential cost of health and life' (p.
Haggerty's Queer Gothic, Max Fincher's Queering the Gothic in the Romantic Age: The Penetrating Eye, and William Hughes and Andrew Smith's collection, Queering the Gothic, the Gothic either is always already queer or readily lends itself to queer readings (or lends itself to the latter because it is the former).
In radical queer theory and a politics of people of color, the queering of, and connection between, Derrion and Carl is inescapable and the rebirth of queer politics becomes possible.
I draw from a variety of works that include works I mentioned earlier as well as Rodriguez and Pinar's (2007) Queering Straight Teachers: Discourses and Identity in Education, which contains essays about discuss queer issues in curriculum and education classrooms.
Queering school means throwing into question sedimented, rigid gender/ sexuality categories.
And while queering gay history by concentrating on same-sex acts and behaviors is one way to move gay history out of a ghetto, it's not the only way.
Queering straight teachers; discourse and identity in education.